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Our Commitment:

"to bake only the best cookies & crackers using only premium simple ingredients"

About Us:

Travel in time from Aunt Gussie's humble beginnings as a start-up

company in a home kitchen to the present, a large state-of-the-art facility.

Back in 1980, Marilyn Caine founded the company under the name Marilyn Specialties. She would bake cookies in her home kitchen every night, and in the morning take the bus to NYC to deliver her delicious cookies to specialty Mom & Pop stores in the city; then 3 months into her venture, Macy's gave her a big order and that's how her cookie shop started to grow. Although the company has always been baking specialty cookies (oversize decorative cookies back then), Marilyn always had this idea in mind: to bake "healthier, better

Marilyn and David Caine

Marilyn Caine, Founder with son David Caine, President of the company

for you cookies", a concept unheard of at the time; she was concerned about some diabetic relatives, so she went back to the family collection of artisan recipes, and started tweaking them, and that's how Aunt Gussie's Sugar Free cookies were born. But she did not stopped there; she certainly was a woman ahead of her time, she introduced Spelt, an ancient grain for consumers sensitive to common wheat, and a few years later working alongside with her son David, opened a dedicated Gluten Free kitchen, for the company's new specialty line.


Today, after almost 40 years, the company is proud to maintain its original commitment to its consumers: to bake only the best cookies, crackers using only premium simple ingredients. Aunt Gussie's continues to grow on the consumers' demand for truly "better for you products", and is proud to introduce a new line of No Sugar Added Granola; maintaining as always high quality standards and delivering great taste.  

Aunt Gussie's Cookies & Crackers is family-owned and operated in Garfield, NJ. Since opening in 1980, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. 

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