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Co-Packing Services:

The company was started almost 40 years ago, by Marilyn Caine, whose main commitment was to create “better for you products” for those consumers looking to snack into healthier alternatives.

Driven by the premium quality of our products, we were pursued by different companies looking for a manufacturing plant that excelled in delivering quality products and that also maintain optimal production conditions, and well maintained facilities.

About 9 years ago, we welcomed our first co-packer, and the list has been getting longer as years go by. To our satisfaction, we have seen some of our customers grow, and get valuable recognition due to the efforts and superior quality delivered by our team.


Manufacturing plants:

We are proud of maintaining high standards not only on our manufacturing practices, but also on the physical condition of our facilities.

Our plant consists of two buildings with a total area of 25,000 sq. feet, with facilities for manufacturing, warehousing and shipping.


Our Production facilities are dedicated for Kosher Dairy and Kosher Dairy Gluten Free in one building; and Kosher Parve and Kosher Parve Gluten Free in the other building.


SQF Level 2

Kosher Dairy  -  Kosher Parve under Star K

Gluten Free Certified under GFCO

For further information regarding our Co-Packing services please contact us.

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